Do you need a Documentation Destruction Policy?

Do you need a Documentation Destruction Policy?

Do you need a document destruction policy in your workplace?

One easy way to find out is to poll your employees and ask: “What should go in the recycle bins vs the shredding bins?”

Data shows us that 68% of employees are not sure. There is a basic understanding that ‘anything’ with client information should be destroyed. But what does this include?

A very safe and quick method to address this confusion to implement an easy Document Destruction Policy which states: if paper is to be discarded then ‘everything’ goes into the shredding bins. A ‘shred-everything’ policy is safe and easy.

A few things to consider:

  • All business documentation will have something important that is confidential to your business. So what shouldn’t be destroyed? Here are a few examples of items that may end up in the recycle bin:
    • Draft business plans with spelling mistakes – this document contains confidential information.
    • Emails from an employee needed for a meeting – the incorrect email was printed. This piece of paper will have an email address on it, and maybe other information that is confidential to your business.
    • Budgets, correspondence with employees, invoices etc, the list can go on. The point is all information, left in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

Be safe, shred-everything. When we destroy documents in the shredding bin, the material is then recycled. It all ends up in the same place. So why not be safe and shred-everything.Make the document destruction policy simple for your employees. If in doubt, place it in the shredding bin.

Be smart, and shred your documents.


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