Shred Bags – Get Yours Today!

Shred Bags – Get Yours Today!

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Shred Bags Now Available for the Everyday Consumer!

Our Personal Seal N Shred Bags have become a popular product!

These easy to store bags can hold up to 50lbs of paper. They are intended for the everyday consumer that slowly collects paper that needs to be shredded. Many customers tell us they place the bags in their home office, bedroom closet or in the garage. As they receive mail, bills, invoices with personal data, they drop these items into the bag. Once the bag is full, they can drop it off at our location or give us a call to pick it up.

Many customers are using them during spring and fall cleaning, during tax times and when they move.

One of our business customers purchased a bundle for his office employees to use at home. He found that when employees took interest in destroying their own documentation, this behavior carried over into the office. Employees get into the routine of ensuring confidential information ended up in an Exclusive Shredding bin.

So whether you are a residential consumer or business customer we encourage you to take advantage of these ease to use, inexpensive shred bags. Get your today. All bag orders are available online at www.shredbags.ca or www.exclusiveservices.ca

Or if you need a bulk order, call us today.


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