Small Business


As a small business you accumulate confidential information as large businesses, but your needs are different. You may only require shredding annually, every six months or maybe once every few years. Are you accumulating paper and would like to dispose of it in the safest and secure method?

One time pick up

Is your volume of documentation taking over your office space? Are you doing a year end clean out? Give us a call and we will schedule a onetime pickup of your documents. You will have the option to give us the documentation where we will shred it at our location, or have the shredding truck sent directly to your address.

Low Volume Shredding

Do you only accumulate a small amount of documents? Maybe just a few banker boxes? Take advantage of our personalized Seal N ’Shred Bags. Reduce the risks associated with disposing of personal and home office confidential documents.

These bags can be ordered online, and they are mailed directly to your address. Fill the Seal N’Shred bag with your documents. Peel the adhesive strip and seal the bag shut. Bring the Sean N’Shred bag back to us for shredding. Simple, ease and cost effective.

When you purchase the bag, the cost includes shredding. You pay one price.

To order your bag, click here.

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