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IPW Printing ServicesAccording to imaging industry research, four out of five businesses are paying too much for their printing and imaging supplies. When your organization buys toner supplies from IPW, you save money.

IPW specializes in manufacturing high-quality, high-yield, MICR, color, and monochrome laser toner cartridges. Through our expertise and efficient manufacturing processes, we can help you reduce your imaging expenses without compromising reliability. Our quality cartridges are built to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, but cost up to 40% less. Our imaging products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

IPW has established and maintained solid OEM relationships. As a result, we know the critical manufacturing standards for quality and reliability. We rigidly hold ourselves to those standards to bring you the best product on the market. Our manufacturing and quality processes are OEM approved due to our origin as manufacturer for OEMs.

IPW consumes millions of sheets of paper annually to assure the quality of our products. We have rigorous procedures to evaluate all customer returns, determine root cause and initiate corrective action to prevent future failures. Our focus is on forever fixes to continually improve our products. Our monthly quality reporting informs the leadership team of quality statistics and improvement plans. Our goal is to provide our team with real time information to drive continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

We want to save you money however we can. That’s why we offer certain Extended Life Products, designed specifically to lower the Cost per Page for you, and ultimately for your customers. These products boast consistent reliability and value that you and your customers can clearly see. We also provide drop shipping services to save you time and money, especially with engagements.

In an industry where many good quality suppliers are being acquired by larger, more diverse companies, IPW remains the sole manufacturer of OEM quality remanufactured toner products in the industry.

Not only have we been doing business for over 20 years, we are the last remaining independent source for the highest quality toner products in the United States.

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We recognize that every business is different and has specific needs. This is not a “one size fits all” industry. We have developed a flexible manufacturing system that allows us to make and deliver exactly what you need, every time.

You may also require a product or service that we do not currently provide. In such cases, please bring it to our attention and we will do everything in our power to provide you the best solution possible.

Quality Guidelines

IPW is approved by EPA as supplier of remanufactured toners under the Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG). All products TAA Compliant, STMC Testing Compliant, and CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) Certified.


As technology has made printing in color more affordable, the overall strategic value from printing and presenting in color are becoming more apparent. Your color strategy begins with recognizing the strategic value that color brings to organizational communications. Don Jones points out in The Definitive Guide to Color Office Printing, “Color communications can improve comprehension by 75 percent over black-and-white communications. Readership of color documents can be 40 percent higher. Training materials can accelerate learning from a rate of 55 percent to a rate of 75 percent. This impact creates strategic value through its potential to positively affect revenue and productivity.” [Don Jones, The Definitive Guide to Office Color Printing (realtimepublishers.com, 2004), 1.]

IPW contributes to the color revolution with its TRUColor technology. TRUColor is IPW’s proprietary color technology that is so advanced that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between remanufactured color and OEM color. This technology from IPW sets an industry standard for Color Toner… Absolutely OEM Equivalent. Our proven formula will delight your customers.

Here’s how:

  • TRUColor technology employs unique and specific toner specifications for every cartridge SKU we manufacture.
  • The TRUColor process utilizes proprietary cleaning and conditioning technology for critical components.
  • Impeccable environmental standards are maintained for all operations.
  • TRUColor cartridges are assembled with unique build structures, which result in OEM print performance.
  • IPW employs Toyota Lean Manufacturing shop floor standards to ensure world class products and first time quality.

IPW’s Proprietary Quality Operating System (QOS) is focused on meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. ­

internal processes include:

  • Clearly defined qualification procedures for new products and components. Test procedures include industry standard ISO and IPW life testing requirements.
  • Product life tests include start-stop printing to simulate actual usage by the end users.
  • IPW follows a formal sampling plan for purchased materials and finished products.
  • Finished products are 100% functional tested and samples are tested to 20% of life and 100% of life.
  • Products are tested on millions of sheets of paper annually to maintain product quality.
  • IPW has rigorous procedures to evaluate all customer returns, determine root causes andinitiate corrective action to prevent future failures.
  • Manufacturing standards focus on Forever Fixes to continually maintain the highest product quality.
  • Monthly quality reporting informs the leadership team of quality statistics and improvement plans.
  • Our goal is to provide our team with real time information to drive continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • Highly trained technical sales professionals, provide personalized consulting for your customers.
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Proud Supplier to Many Organizations, Including the Following:

La Cartoucherie
Ontario Data Supplies Ltd.
Southwest Airlines
Standard Register


IPW is fully committed to printing responsibly by providing solutions that minimize impact on the environment. Each toner cartridge IPW remanufactures eliminates four pounds of waste from entering landfills and saves three quarts of oil, thus providing a substantial cumulative environmental benefi t.

IPW is constantly on the lookout for more sustainable ways to package our products, including a complete redesign of our packaging to lower our environmental footprint. Our new packaging is 20% lighter weight and utilizes natural materials that are far more environmentally favorable than packing materials used by our competition.

Adding to long-term sustainability, remanufactured toner cartridges have a carbon footprint 37% smaller than that of their newly made equivalents. IPW is also involved in bettering the social environment and is actively involved in supporting community programs that provide educational opportunities and mentoring to children and teens in public housing neighborhoods.

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